Bachelor of Science, 跨学科研究

跨学科研究 Career Opportunities

  • 老师
  • 辅导员
  • 记者
  • 管理分析师
  • 注册护士
  • 营养学家
  • 软件开发人员
  • 会计
  • 公共关系专员
  • 项目经理
  • 财务顾问
  • 考古学家
  • 销售经理

Earn an 跨学科研究 Degree Custom Designed for Your Career Goals

Do you tend to think–and learn–outside the box? At Mid-America Christian University (MACU) in Oklahoma City, you can bundle your love for multiple disciplines into a degree as unique as you with a bachelor’s of interdisciplinary studies. This interdisciplinary major will prepare you to enter the workforce with a different perspective, creativity and a diverse set of skills employers look for in well-rounded, 灵活的候选人. MACU is faith-based and accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and 学校 (NCA).

根据 U.S. 劳工统计局, most Bachelor of Science interdisciplinary studies jobs are in healthcare, 管理, 教育, 办公室及行政支援, 业务, 以及金融运作. Because of the flexible nature of the interdisciplinary degree, career paths are quite diverse but the same report shows a 平均年薪52,000美元 跨学科研究专业. 

How Does an 跨学科研究 Major Customize a Degree?

Unlike other degree programs which require students to select one major or go the double major route, interdisciplinary studies students are given the freedom to pursue their passions and create their own major by identifying multiple areas of interest–for example, criminal justice and Christian ministry–and combining them to create a personalized degree.

在咨询顾问后, students are active participants in devising their plan of study for each discipline, selecting 12 semester credit hours of coursework related to each topic, drawn from at least two academic disciplines (for a total of 24 semester credits). In addition to the two areas of disciplines, the student may also wish to complete a third discipline concentration (adding an additional 12 credits) or select electives in any area of study.


Earn an 在线 跨学科研究 Degree: Affordable, Flexible and Accelerated

Offering fully accredited online learning since 2008, MACU caters to busy adult students who need a convenient, affordable and flexible program that fits in with their family and work commitments. Here are some of the ways our online interdisciplinary studies classes can help you save money and finish faster:

  • 最多30个 生活经验 credits (per year) for (volunteering, community service, etc.)
  • Just one class at a time in a consecutive order
  • Eligible military service training can be applied as course credits
  • Minimal upfront costs, including no initial book fees
  • 免费安置测试
  • Full support–including tutoring and student services

We offer a small teacher-to-student ratio, 还有我们的教授, 谁都有实际经验, 还有我们的员工, strive to make every student feel like they’re part of the MACU community.  Although this degree is offered completely online, select courses may be offered on campus depending on student interest and faculty availability.

As you prepare to begin your degree at MACU, our enrollment counselors are ready to assist you. Please take a look at this downloadable degree sheet, featuring an overview of MACU’s 跨学科研究 degree program. Don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing (电子邮件保护) 或者打电话 888-888-2341 如果你有任何问题.

MACU’s On-Campus Experience: Feel at 首页 on Your Journey of Self-Discovery

MACU students quickly come to love our small campus with a big heart. You’ll immediately feel a sense of belonging, and that’s a credit to our professors, staff and students who are committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone. 小于1,在校学生500人, you’ll never feel lost in the crowd as you find your purpose in life and grow in your faith. 这是好奇心的理想场所, adventurous interdisciplinary studies majors because it’s easy to meet friends and discover new passions with on-campus clubs, 组, 娱乐的机会, 和更多的.

MACU is located right in the heart of OKC, a growing, liveable city of more than 1.200万年, with tons of places to explore such as local restaurants, 咖啡店, 快餐车, 农贸市场, 艺术活动, 文化表演, and entertainment districts featuring live music venues.

MACU benefits for on-campus students include:

  • Small classes, accessible professors with real-world experience
  • Affordable, efficient path to degree completion
  • 校园安全 是全天候的优先事项
  • Support services committed to helping students thrive and succeed
  • A flourishing job market and opportunities for internships in a major city
  • Recreational, academic, and faith-based activities and 组
  • 竞技体育和电子竞技团队

MACU Offers Christ-centered Experience for 跨学科研究 Majors

An interdisciplinary studies degree offers MACU students ample opportunities to develop, 在他们的信心中坚固成长. 

All coursework is bible-based and built on the foundation of Jesus Christ’s love and service to others. 课堂外, students are encouraged to participate in weekly chapel services and student-led devotions and explore the many faith-based campus clubs and activities available on campus.